(New version)

1. All research papers received by the editors, are subject to mandatory review.
2. The author of the manuscript to the editor is executed in accordance with the «Rules for manuscripts of articles»
3. Main editor or deputy editor determines the appropriate profile of the journal article, the requirements for registration and send it for review to members of the editorial board or authorized reviewers have closest to the topic scientific specialization.
4. The review shall be conducted confidentially. Reviewers are notified that they sent the manuscript are the private property of the authors and contain information not subject to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of articles.
5. The timing of the transfer for review in each case determined by the executive secretary of the magazine. Timing review is 10–12 days.
5. The review should indicate: that the content of articles to its name; the extent to which the article corresponds to the modern achievements in the given field of science, the appropriate methods to modern requirements and solution of the problems in the study; are: evaluation of the form of presentation (clarity of tables, charts, figures, formulas), possession of author methods of scientific analysis and synthesis, the validity of the results and conclusions of their compliance with the content of the publication; description of the advantages and disadvantages of the article; Finally, the possibility of publication of the article (no patches acceptable, acceptable with minimal corrections literary editor, is acceptable with minor corrections of the author (s) is not acceptable, the manuscript requires significant improvement of the author (s)).
6. After receiving positive reviews, the editors will inform the authors of admission to the publication of the article with a timetable publication. A copy of the review is available upon request to the author, as well as the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for admission to the editor of the corresponding request. In case of refusal to publish the author sent a reasoned refusal.
7. If the review contains recommendations for improving and finalizing the articles, the executive secretary of the journal sends the text to the author reviews and articles for completion. Recycled paper is re-sent to the author for review.
8. In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer author has the right to give a reasoned response to the journal. The article can be sent for re-review, or approval on the editorial board.
9. The final decision about the publication of the article is accepted by the editorial board (council) of the journal and recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
10. The original reviews are stored in the magazine for five years.