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Academic Credentials: Doctor of Medical Science, professor.

Current Workplace and Position: Head of the Department of Human Anatomy.

Organization: Ulyanovsk State University.

Presidium and Board Member of the Scientific Medical Society of Anatomists, Histologists and Embryologists of Russia (SMSAHE); Secretary of the Executive Committee of the European Federation for Experimental Morphology (EFEM); Expert of the International Council for Science in the program “Global World Communicator (GWC). Education and Science”.


Scientific Interests:

Human anatomy; Anthropology; Cell biology; Biomedical nanotechnology; Experimental morphology; IT in medicine.

ORCID ID 0000-0002-2796-7508

Scopus Author ID: 36537191900


ResearcherID G-2028-2014

Google Sholar ID: BhNMsFoAAAAJ

ArXiv Author ID:   3HLUJQ-HA4FJ4

РИНЦ SPIN-код: 7903-7765, AuthorID: 108165



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Khayrullin RM et al. The Technique of Enhancing the Transdermal Penetration for the Gold Nanoparticles and Perspectives of Application. Journal of Cancer Therapy. 2013;4(6A). DOI: 10.4236/jct.2013.46A1008.

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